RAD ROLLERS are so compact that you can take them with you anywhere, in the car, on the plane. They adapt to your body, even slipping between the shoulder blades or on the rib cage, also improving breathing. Regular use of the RAD ROLLER can produce posture and muscle quality improvements that will last over time.


Original RAD Roller
The Original RAD Roller is the tool with which we started. It is soft enough to be used in the most sensitive areas such as the neck but also stiff enough to unlock stronger muscles such as those of the back, legs and wherever you are ready to roll.

Stiff RAD Roller
Ideal for athletes and anyone looking for a higher intensity. The STIFF has a harder grain and bends less in the center so that you can also use it in reverse in areas such as the chest or the inside of the thighs.

Soft RAD Roller
Do you consider yourself a novice? We understand it. SOFT offers a gentler touch that is well suited for beginners. It has a softer texture to be more delicate in sensitive areas of the body.




Soft, Original, Stiff


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