Bringing every man back to the conditions of strength, endurance and agility typical of mankind, far from pain or disease, this is what is most important to us.


We are a sports company created to offer the highest level of knowledge of human movement, we are experts of movement experts! Our activity starts from poor movement with pain, to pursuit high performance athlete.


We treat every single case with maniacal accuracy to recognize the real causes of the pain incurred; we then decide whether to proceed with a training session or rehabilitation path towards the healing process.
One of our main activities is the injury risk assessment and the optimization of the athletic performance of the individual, group or team.


At first we were only a few specialists that got together with the desire to create something new between management of musculoskeletal pain and a training session . We were looking at things from the other side, since as patients we have always been disappointed in not finding logical answers to every injury. There has always been a distance between the doctor and the trainer and also between heath service and patients.

As athletes, the idea of ​​staying still, waiting, inert, healing, has always left us with a sense of impotence.

We have removed all the barriers, both between specialists and coach and client.
We deal with Human Movement, from pain to maximum performance. Every pain that comes from the movement can be cured with movement.

Our goal is to deliver our client’s health into his hands and make him realize that he is in charge of his health, and that everything depends on him without control visits and constant treatments.

In 2009 we were looking for a common language that would allow us to perform movement activities towards our customers. We have designed tests and evaluations with the objective of making the coach’s sensitive gaze objective, to allow the client to understand our choices.

We have looked for something more scientific, wondering if it was the best system and together with ATLAS team we came across FMS system. This system was the answer to all our doubts. After years of research, dissatisfied specialists like us, had created that universal language that made the path and each assessment clear for everyone.

From the first course we followed we have never stopped and we never will.
Even if we are still students our passion leads us to deepen so many aspects, that we have been chosen together with the ATLAS team, to teach some of these methods or systems in Italy and in Europe.

The advantage of sharing training experiences and work philosophy with this group of specialists has allowed us to grow quickly. Every new concept, every idea, every positive or negative experience, is shared so that every member of the group can improve its skills thanks to the knowledge and experience of others.

No more competition but sharing.


Functional Movement System

We only deal with problems related to the musculoskeletal system that are originated by movement. This is why our first analysis is very important for us and for the client: we need to know what we can do to help.

To get a clear picture of every case we treat, we use every valid analytical system (FMS, DNS, SFMA, McGill, Barefoot and many others) from the best researchers, and decide what to do or if we need to investigate more deeply.


Detailed Analysis

Once we have gathered and analysed all the information, we share it with the patient and we decide together the best treatment to approach. In any case, the solution is movement. This is how we teach every person the ability to stay healthy and strong for a long time. Everyone has the right to move freely without pain!


Passion, professionalism, innovation and constant training for everyone

Our team is made by movement experts: physiotherapist, osteopath, chiropractic, personal trainers. Health care and movement are no longer separated and distant but combined with the only aim of increasing each person’s health. We share all the information, from a scientific point of view to any useful detail on the case we are dealing with, towards our client’s success.

Federico Luzi

I make sure that no one will need therapy.

Monica Lugini

I love nature and movement, it makes me happy to work with people and communicate my passion.

Claudia Natalini

Creative, funny and careful. I love to communicate my passion for movement!

Carmela Apolito

I am a manual therapist and I love to help each person who wants to go back to be strong without pain.

Michaela Torricella

My passion is to help others explore their body and its potential, to discover physical and mental well-being in an innovative and fun way.

Our services are used by sports clubs all over the world, from the FIGC series A to the US Olympic athletes.
Our staff never stops training.




Riportare ogni uomo alle condizioni di forzaresistenza e agilità proprie del genere umano, lontano da dolori o malattie.

Offriamo il massimo livello di conoscenza del movimento umano.
Produciamo esperti di movimento.

Questa è la nostra missione.


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Co/ Maximo

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