the RAD ATOM produces precise control and its size adapts to multiple functions as well as its rigidity. Perfect for loosening shoulders, buttocks and adductors, this masterpiece of my fascial release works in two ways: the usual rolling or in association with the RAD ROD, inserted in the central hole, used as a crowbar to create a push on the muscles under your direct control .

The external material is made to cling to your skin, without being too slippery or too rough. This balanced composition helps to untangle the dense fibrous network of the muscles.

Its roundness has a specific reason. If we look closely at the muscles, they are more three-dimensional than linear, so when we experience fascial tension, it is distributed in every possible direction. With the size and roundness of the ATOM it is possible to direct the pressure in every corner, especially if used in association with the RAD ROD.





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